Monday, 7 August 2017

Half Marathon Training: Week 6

The driftwood sculpture by local artists and Thelia Sanders-Shelton and Julie Ryan.
My anxiety has been a little out of control this week, and it definitely affected my training a little bit. Hopefully this long weekend will give me the recharge I need.

Here's what I got up to this week:

Monday: REST. Frankly, I was tired and cranky and I just didn't feel like running.

Tuesday: Track with NTRC. We did a challenging yasso workout, so a lot of work went into maintaining a quick pace over 800m five times, and recovery time was a slow jog/quick walk to keep the body moving the whole time. I'm still one of the slower runners at the track, but I'm really glad I'm going and putting in the work. If it's not hard, it won't help me get faster. Plus, I need to earn the tacos and margaritas we have after. [7.6 km | 39:41 | 5:13/km]

Wednesday: Tribe crew 5k and social. My hip was pretty achey and the humidity was awful, but I still managed a pretty good time. We finished at The Pint on Front for beers and 40 cent wings, and we were all so sweaty when we walked in the waitress asked if it was raining outside. [4.4 km | 25:06 | 5:38/km]

Thursday: REST. I took a nap instead.

Friday: Lululemon Community Yoga. The class wasn't super challenging and it didn't help me get out of my head, but I'm glad I went and at least tried to make myself feel better.

Saturday: I had 18k in the books for my long run this weekend, so I decided to go West along the Lake to the Toronto driftwood sculpture in Humber Bay Park. It was a challenging run between bursts of rain, lots of wind, and dodging Caribana revellers, but I made much better time than last week's long run, and the temperature was very agreeable for the first time in a while. [18.1 km | 1:58:16 | 6:32/km]

Sunday: Skipped Tribe Yoga Jam to watch the IAAF Worlds Women's Marathon happening in London, and instead did a three-fer of exercises in my living room: Tiffany Rothe's Bikini Abs Workout, which didn't make me feel much but was a nice change from floor-based ab workouts, 8 Stretches To Energize Your Morning to stretch out some crunchy spots, and finished with a Hip-Opening Sequence to get into my troublesome right hip.

On to Week 7, which will finish with my first race of this training cycle - I'm heading to Tremblant with some OCRC folks to run a 10k. It's supposed to be a slightly hilly course with a net downhill, so it will be a good way to look at where I am in my training.



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