Sunday, 30 July 2017

Half Marathon Training: Week 5

I missed a couple runs this week, so I did some extra bodyweight workouts instead.

Here's what I got up to this week:

Monday: REST. Instead of my usual date with Lululemon Run Crew, I had dinner with a crew of girlfriends (we have pizza together once a month - this time we went to Terroni and it was so worth missing a run).

Tuesday: Back to the track with NTRC. We did shuttle sprints, a couple 400m warmups, and then focused on fast 800m intervals. I was wiped by the end, but it felt good to be pushed since there is no way I would do an effective track workout on my own. After the workout some of us when to Hacienda Las Americas for tacos, and I really enjoyed getting to know some of the crew. [8.1 km | 39:12 | 4:50/km]

Wednesday: Instead of my usual 5km with Tribe, I went with NTRC out to a New Balance & Canada Running Series event at Eastbound Brewing in Leslieville. We demoed some new shoes (I had a go in the FuelCore Sonic, which were strange at first but I ended up really liking them; they had a slightly different feel that the FuelCell I tried a couple weeks ago, but would still be a great go-to for a speed shoe as opposed to a distance shoe), and did a muggy run through the neighbourhood. It was awesome to hang out with runners from so many different Toronto crews, try some rad new shoes, and taste some local beer. [4.7 km | 29:25 | 6:14/km]

Thursday: I couldn't bear the thought of doing 11k in the heat, so I decided to do a core workout instead. I did the At-Home Bodyweight Core Workout from Pumps & Iron, and in exchange for 15 minutes of targeted ab work, I had that hurts-so-good ab burn for the next day-ish.

Friday: Pretty much immediately after work I met up with Jess to head up to Yorkdale to check out NikeWomen's Brahaus. We got complimentary hair braiding and matcha lattes as well as a bra fitting, but sadly I just do not have a body type that suits Nike sports bras. By the time we extricated ourselves from the maze that is Yorkdale and made it back home, it was 10pm, so I did some stretching and foam rolling before calling it a night.

Saturday: Just like last week, I failed to wake up and do my long run before the sun started to really bear down on the city. I did 16 scorching and miserable kilometres, and didn't even have the energy to be glad about finishing it. This is the slowest I have run in a long, long time, and I'm pretty annoyed about it. I was down for the count for pretty much the rest of the day, so hopefully this is my lesson to get my ass out of bed at a reasonable hour for the 18k I have planned next week. [16.1 km | 1:58:47 | 7:22/km]

Sunday: Started off the day at Tribe Yoga Jam as usual, and Aylin was back doing braids which I obviously was all over. It was a hot hot hot morning so I spent most of the rest of the day planted beside my fan at home. In the evening I wandered down to Lululemon for Tribe Roll Out, which I hoped would help out my poor right hip - it did, a bit, but I should probably just bite the bullet and get a massage or a chiropractic treatment soon to prevent it from getting any worse.

On to Week 6.

xx, C.

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