Thursday, 24 September 2015

Caroline vs. Shimokitazawa Animal Cafés

Last year Vogue ranked the Tokyo neighbourhood of Shimokitazawa as the world's coolest neighbourhood for street style.  And while fashion is a huge part of what makes Shimo tick, it also has tons of other stuff to do...most importantly, animal cafés!!  I wanted to take my family out in Shimokitazawa one evening while they were visiting Tokyo, and we ended up visiting a cat café AND a rabbit café, which was, of course, magical.


I didn't love the cat café experience when Clem and I went to Hapineko in December, but I'd heard that Cateriam was fantastic, and I definitely didn't have a problem with the opportunity to hang out with some cats.  You guys, I LOVED Cateriam.  It's right outside the West exit of Shimokitazawa Station on the Inokashira Line, and is way larger than I was expecting.  Prices change seasonally, but we went for one hour for ¥1000 each, with a drink included in the price.  By luck we arrived right at snack time, and we were each given a small cup of treats, which we used to bribe the cats to sit with us.  They also had baskets full of cat toys and costumes that could be used free of charge, unlike at other cat cafés, so I took full advantage and put some hats on a couple very sour looking Persian cats.

Cafe Ohisama

I'd heard of bunny cafés, but wasn't sure what to expect, as bunnies aren't as *tidy* as cats.  Cafe Ohisama is on a quiet street South of Shimokitazawa Station, almost right behind the large Uniqlo store; it's easy to get to but a little tricky to find, so have a map or a local handy.  The Café was quite intimate with room for about ten people at a time, and the bunnies were housed in a little segregated area that kept droppings, etc. out of the rest of the café.  It definitely didn't have the same fun and carefree vibe as Cateriam, especially as many of the bunnies stayed in their cages as opposed to hopping around, but it was still a really cute experience.  Prices start at ¥1000 for 30 minutes (includes one drink).

The animal café trend is taking the world by storm, with a few coming to Canadian cities like Toronto and Montréal, which I will obviously be checking out!

xx, C.

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