Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Caroline vs. WeTransfer

Have you guys heard of the file transfer site WeTransfer?  I use DropBox a lot to keep backups of important files and photos, but WeTransfer is really handy for quickly sending large files to an email address.  I used it a lot when I was working as an administrator and was often sending files that were too large for our email system to handle.  WeTransfer lets you send up to 2GB directly to any email address; the sender will get a message once when the files have been transferred, and again when they have been downloaded by the recipient.  Accordingly, downloading files sent to you is done with a simple click of a link.  Quick and easy!

When my phone died I had to back up my photos on Clem's computer, and I've been using WeTransfer to send them back to myself without the hassle of uploading and downloading with DropBox (which can take FOREVER) or dealing with external hard drive incompatibilities (Clem has a PC and I have a Mac).

This post isn't sponsored or anything, I just wanted to share in case any of you need a simple and efficient way of sending files without creating yet another online account!

xx, C.

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