Friday, 12 June 2015

Caroline vs. Tech Timeout


A couple weekends ago, my Samsung Galaxy S3 met its untimely demise.  It had been sputtering along for a few months, and then I accidentally dropped it for the millionth time and that was that.  I was a little annoyed, but thankfully I got all my photos off it and only lost some notes I'd made.  I thought about going up to Akihabara, tech capital of Tokyo (if not the world) to get a burner phone for the rest of my time in Japan and then upgrade to a new smartphone when I get home in August, but quickly abandoned the idea after just one day.  Why?  Because I was actually kind of enjoying not being tethered to my phone all the time.

While I love smartphones and everything they can do, it's easy to rely on them too much, and I've found it very refreshing to take a step back from constant connectivity.  I've been more present when out with friends, I've been reading a lot more, and I no longer scroll through my social media accounts when I'm supposed to be trying to sleep.

I still use my laptop and iPod and occasionally borrow Clem's phone for Instagram and Snapchat, so I'm not on total tech lockdown.  But this is a good exercise for being more "in the moment," and hopefully I won't be so reliant on my phone when I get a new one!

Would you take a tech timeout?  I loved this article about not checking your phone at all when you are around other people, and the amazing Joanna at A Cup of Jo has written some great posts on society's reliance on smartphones.

xx, C.

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