Saturday, 27 June 2015

Caroline vs. Crazy Rich Asians


A friend of mine who works for Chapters got to read Crazy Rich Asians before it hit stores and recommended it highly, but I didn't get around to reading it until now.  I regret waiting so long - I loved it!  It's a quintessential beach read, and I tore through it in two days; it was a nice change of pace from the heavy literature I've been reading lately.  The story follows three branches of an impossibly wealthy Chinese-Singaporean family as they navigate high emotions and expectations surrounding an event that would make even the most sane person go crazy: the wedding of Singapore's most eligible bachelor.  There are some twists and turns and some dark moments that I wasn't expecting, but the book was hilarious.  If you need something to burn through this summer, look no further!

Here are some passages that made me laugh out loud:
"In recent decades, Huanghuali furniture has become highly sought after by discerning collectors.  After all, it goes so well with mid-century modern." p.23
"Cecilia actually spent more time on the international equestrian circuit than raising their sone Jake.  (Due to all the hours he spent with their Filipino maids, Jake was becoming fluent in Tagalog; he could also do a brilliant impression of Sinatra's 'My Way.')" p.50
But then his parents were always so selfish.  Sure, they raised him and paid for his education and bought him his first apartment, but they failed him when it came to what was truly important - they didn't know how to flaunt their wealth properly." p.82
"Neena looked over and scolded, 'Aiyoooooh, finish everything on your plate, girls!  Don't you know there are children starving in America?'" p.137-8
"'We wouldn't worry if you had your own money, but you know your situation.  The clock is ticking on your pretty face.  It's time to cut your losses and let Lauren introduce you to one of those eligible Beijing billionaires before it's too late.'  Isabel was reduced to a puddle of tears.  Rachel couldn't believe what she had just heard - this crowd made Upper East Side girls look like Mennonites." p.264
xx, C.

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