Sunday, 24 May 2015

Caroline vs. Sangria

Have you guys ever bought a bottle of wine, only to open it at home and find out it tastes awful?  It's happened to me a couple times.  If it's a nice bottle that's gone off I'll usually go back to the LCBO and return it, but sometimes I end up with a wine that just tastes bad.  Fortunately, I have a solution other than pouring it out: Sangria!!

I tend to use cheap wine in sangria, as the flavours of the other ingredients drown out the flavour of a good wine, so an accidental purchase of crappy wine is perfect.  I don't follow a specific recipe, but I do have some building blocks: liquor (usually inexpensive whiskey or bourbon, but some friends and I made a lethal batch with vodka a while back), a soft drink (I like ginger ale, but have also had good results with Sprite and Orange Crush), and fruit.  That's it.  Just fill a pitcher with ice and chopped fruit, pour in the wine, and add the other ingredients to taste.  Easy, right?

xx, C.

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