Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Caroline vs. Omotesando Street Style

A few months ago, walking through the crowded and fashionable districts of Omotesando and Harajuku on my way to grab a cup of coffee, I scrambled to balance my camera and umbrella to capture a photo of these two girls.  Harajuku is known the world over as the home of some of Japan's most inventive, experimental and exciting fashion, and Omotesando is where likely fashion bloggers and future street style stars strut their stuff.  Even in the cold, rainy weather, people were dressing for style, not for comfort.  These two caught my eye because even though one is in a school uniform, they are wearing virtually the same outfit: flat shoes, knee socks, short skirt, big jacket, backpack, and the same transparent umbrella sold at every konbini across Japan.

I haven't been to this area in a while, but for more Harajuku street style check out Tokyo Fashion, which is regularly updated with eye-catching looks spotted around the district.

xx, C.

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