Saturday, 11 April 2015

Caroline vs. The Chic Canuck

Early last autumn one of my favourite bloggers Gracie Carroll launched an all-Canadian e-commerce site, The Chic Canuck.  They not only feature all kinds of goods designed and made in Canada, (including my favourite touch-screen gloves) but they also have a great blog highlighting Canadian style, food, and local tips and tricks for different Canadian cities.

I made my first TCC purchase in early November, when they offered free shipping for a weekend.  I got this sweet limited edition President's Choice tin that featured one of the best parts of my hometown: skating on the Rideau Canal.  I couldn't take it with me to Tokyo, but it's in a box at my parents' place, waiting for me to get home and decorate a place of my own.

From my Instagram, ft. a Dutch postcard from a good friend.

Recently TCC had some tote bags made up, and were offered free with any purchase.  Well, my friends, I love a good tote bag.  My obsession started the sumer I lived in Berlin - it seemed like EVERYONE was carrying a simple tote, and they all just looked so effortlessly cool.  I have built a small collection of my own, and I really wanted one from TCC - I mean, not only is their logo amazing and looks fab on a tote, but I genuinely love what they are doing for the shop local movement.  I'd been eying Ella's Botanicals Magic Balm for a little bit and thought about ordering it to my parent's place so I'd have a tote waiting for me when I get home in August.  But lucky for me, the TCC team very generously waived the international shipping fee, and I got to order the goodies right to my apartment in Tokyo!

The package arrived on a gorgeous day in the middle of sakura season, so I swapped out my regular bag for the TCC tote and went for a brief hanami and coffee with Clem.

I've also fallen deeply in love with the Ella's Botanicals Magic Balm.  I get rashy hands in both the dryness of winter and the sticky humidity of summer (I'm sure the fact that I wear multiple rings at all times does not help, but I will not stop!), so I've been trying a bunch of different balms and lotions to help soothe the irritated patches.  I like this one a lot because even though it leaves a shiny look to my skin, it doesn't leave oily residue, so I can keep doing whatever and not worry about getting any on my clothes or electronics.  So far it's been really good for eliminating the flaky skin and itchiness on my hands, and I've also been using it on my elbows to get a little extra softness back there.  It also smells amazing.  Lavender, you guys.  One of the best scents there is.

So thank you Ella's Botanicals for making local and natural products that actually work, and for The Chic Canuck for doing amazing work promoting Canadian design!

xx, C.

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