Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Caroline vs. Holiday Snaps

Hello, friends!

Life has been a little crazy lately, and my days have had no real routine (which I hate).  Clem is on a two month break from school, so the two of us have been gallivanting around Tokyo and other parts of Asia.  We got back last week from two weeks in Hong Kong and the Philippines, and tomorrow we're off for a weekend in Kyoto.  Until I can go back to some sort of structure, sift through photos, and put words together for an actual post, the best way to follow my adventures is on Instagram.  Here are some of my favourite moments captured on my phone over the past few weeks.

Visited the National Art Center, Tokyo a few weekends back.  My inner (okay, outer) cat lady fell in love with this piece in a temporary exhibition of modern Asian art.
San Francisco's Blue Bottle Coffee opened up near my apartment in February (a second location closer to the centre of the city opened up this week too).  Swung by one morning for a fresh cup of joe and a waffle.
The Metropolitan Government Building in Tokyo's Shinjuku district has two observation decks.  Bonus: they're free!
Late afternoon sun over Roppongi in the middle of February.
In Hong Kong!
The Hong Kong skyline at night, from the Kowloon Public Pier.
Visited the flower market in Victoria Park on the eve of Chinese New Year.  It was packed!
Afternoon snack with friends in Kowloon City.
Sunset from White Beach on Boracay, in the Philippines.