Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Caroline vs. Cast of Vices Bracelet

Cast of Vices Coming or Going Bracelet

How luxe is this bracelet??  I absolutely love it!  It reminds me of the gaudy plastic wristbands we all needed to wear for events at my college - they were used for entrance to events, and to determine at a glance who was or was not of legal drinking age.  I'm closing in on graduation from my undergrad, and I kind of love the idea of actually getting this, as a reminder of the memories I made (or didn't...) with my friends and peers over the past five years.  Instead of having a gross plastic wristband I'd inevitably cut off and throw away, I'd have an amazing piece of arm candy that would be meaningful to me, and still interesting for others to look at (and lust over).

If you want me, I'll be waiting for this to go on sale, and hoping it doesn't sell out.

xx, C.

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