Thursday, 21 February 2013

Caroline vs. Carven Dress

Paris Map Print Cotton Dress

This Carven dress gives me a healthy dose of fashion envy, with a dash of wanderlust.  Imagine how meta it would be to wear it in Paris!  What I love most about this dress is that from a distance it looks like a delicate pattern of pastels, but upon closer inspection it is actually an illustrated map of one of the world's most romantic cities.  This dress is fun and still chic, and with some delicate sandals and a great hat it would be the perfect summer go-to.  Carven also used this pattern for a blazer, a skirt, a blouse, and yes, even shoes.  I want it all in my closet immediately!

xx, C.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Caroline vs. Cast of Vices Bracelet

Cast of Vices Coming or Going Bracelet

How luxe is this bracelet??  I absolutely love it!  It reminds me of the gaudy plastic wristbands we all needed to wear for events at my college - they were used for entrance to events, and to determine at a glance who was or was not of legal drinking age.  I'm closing in on graduation from my undergrad, and I kind of love the idea of actually getting this, as a reminder of the memories I made (or didn't...) with my friends and peers over the past five years.  Instead of having a gross plastic wristband I'd inevitably cut off and throw away, I'd have an amazing piece of arm candy that would be meaningful to me, and still interesting for others to look at (and lust over).

If you want me, I'll be waiting for this to go on sale, and hoping it doesn't sell out.

xx, C.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Caroline vs. Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, lovers!  I hope all of you are celebrating love today, either with others or with some me-time.  My boyfriend and I are spending the night at the Drake Hotel, which I am super excited for, but because we're being spendy with a hotel room, we've decided to forego a fancy dinner and just get takeout instead.  Being a poor student sucks!

I wanted to share this video with you guys today, because who doesn't love little kids talking about love?  It makes me nostalgic for the time when love was so simple, when just loving your parents or your pet or your best friend was enough.

xx, C.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Caroline vs. Around the World Watch

I pinned this photo of an arm party months ago because I was really drawn to the watch.  I have a really tough time with watches because I always wear one, but I'm not a fan of anything too trendy or elaborate - I like to leave that for actual bracelets.  But this watch has a lot of things I look for: a classic shape, a neutral colour palette, with with a little punch.  I was so impressed recently when I found out it's from Urban Outfitters!  I've never loved UO, but they knocked it out of the park with this one, and I definitely need this watch in a big way.  It even has a leather strap, which I love so much more than synthetic straps.  It gives me a pang of wanderlust, and I'm really wondering what map they took this from.  What do you guys think?

xx, C.