Sunday, 23 December 2012

Caroline vs. CN Tower 360 Restaurant

A while back my boyfriend and I celebrated our first anniversary, so we decided we wanted to do something special.  I talked over the summer about wanting to go to the 360 Restaurant in the CN Tower, so when my boyfriend asked where I wanted to go, I jokingly said I wanted to go there.  He saw right through my jesting tone and knew I secretly wanted to go, so he made reservations.  We were going mid-week so we were confident it wouldn't be too busy, but reservations are always a safe way to guarantee you can get in somewhere.

It had been raining during the day and early evening, but by the time we reached the restaurant, half a kilometre up in the air, the sky was clear and we were able to see for miles.  For visitors to Toronto it might be best to eat at 360 during the day, when it is easier to see various metropolitan landmarks, but my boyfriend and I had both been up the CN Tower a number of times, so the cityscape at night was a magical change of scenery.  I had also forgotten that the restaurant rotated (even though the name "360" pretty much gives that away...), which threw me for a loop at first, but it was great to be able to see so far in all directions.
The view from our table

Because we are both living on student budgets we opted for the prix fixe menu and half a bottle of red wine.  We also had a glass of cava each, because what is a celebration without some bubbly?  The food was very good; I chose a salad, vegetarian pasta, and a decadent chocolate dessert.  Nothing was groundbreakingly delicious, but we both enjoyed our meals.  As we expected the restaurant wasn't too busy, so we were able to take our time, and we made two full rotations, taking in the city lights.  The service was very good, which in my experience can sometimes not be the case in expensive novelty restaurants where business is a given regardless of quality of service.  The food was prepared very quickly, but didn't look like it had been thrown together in a rush, and we both cleared our plates.

We really enjoyed eating at 360, but when the bill came (which we knew would be expensive), we decided that even though the food and service were very good, it was the novelty of eating at the top of the CN Tower for which we were really paying.  The restaurant is great once, but I doubt I'll be back - at least until I have more disposable income.  An upside of eating at 360, however, is that your meal comes with free access to the observation deck, so you can have a walk around and learn about the tower's history before heading home.
As much as I could see of the wine cellar from outside the door

360 is great as a one-time experience, and I would add it to the list of things to do if you are from out of town and have some extra time and cash.  The prix-fixe menus are a good option for those with a lower budget, and the restaurant also has a very extensive wine list for those who enjoy picking out a wine almost as much as drinking it (me.)  Fun fact, 360 is also home to the world's highest wine cellar!  It was really cool to peer in and see the selection they had.

Have you ever been to 360?  What did you think?

xx, C.