Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Caroline vs. Quill & Tine Launch Party

Last night my fabulously fashionable friend Drydon told me he was modelling at a product launch over in Parkdale and asked if I wanted to go, so of course I enthusiastically replied in the affirmative.  The party was for Quill & Tine, a company that is "bridging the artesanal traditions of the past with the ingenuity of modern innovations."  In other words, they have created a stunning collection of gloves that are not only functional in the sartorial sense, but also work seamlessly with touch screen gadgets.  I'm going into my first Canadian winter with a touch screen phone, and I'm definitely concerned about keeping my fingers warm while also keeping in touch.  Just last week I was looking at gloves that were supposedly compatible with touch screen devices, but none of them worked well enough to merit a purchase.  Last night I tried on a pair of Quill & Tine's gloves and manoeuvred around my phone easily.  I was really impressed, especially after I learned that they test every single pair to make sure they work properly.  I've got my eye on the tartan driving gloves, and hope that either the Birthday Gods or Santa will come through for me this holiday season!  They also have "city gloves" and classic black leather gloves for both men and women looking for the perfect combination of style and functionality.
Extra points for matching up the lines of the tartan on both hands; this really shows the time put into making sure each pair is perfect.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when patterns don't match!
On the left are the Women's City Gloves, and on the right, the Men's Classic Dress Gloves.

The party itself was also a great success.  Held at Parts & Labour on Queen Street West, we were able to obsess over the gorgeous gloves on display whilst doing a balancing act with prosecco, oysters and charcuterie.  Seriously, the food spread was unbelievable.  There was also an amazingly talented calligrapher at a table writing out quotations on notecards that we were able to take home with us.  They are so beautiful, and I think I'm going to frame mine and use it as home decoration.  I also really enjoyed being at Parts & Labour, which I'd never been to before but am definitely going to return to in the near future.
I ate so much.  As seen on my Instagram.
Thanks to Quill & Tine for an awesome evening, and thanks to Drydon for inviting me!  I had a great night, even though I had school work waiting for me when I got home.  Ah, well...

xx, C.

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