Monday, 5 November 2012

Caroline vs. Apps

I recently upgraded my phone situation from my beloved BlackBerry to the new Samsung Galaxy S3.  Now that my world has been opened up to the joys of the Google Play Store, I have come to realize that no matter what I want, there really is an app for that.  I thought I'd share two that I downloaded recently.

The first is "Toronto in Time."  I was casually browsing Twitter last week when I noticed a tweet from the Torontoist mentioning this brand new app, and since it was free I thought I would take a look.  Its basic idea is to show points of interest around Toronto; in the app they are marked by little pins on a map, and upon selecting one a page opens up with photos and a short blurb about the history of that particular location.  I was very surprised about how much information there was on the app, and how much I didn't know about the city that has been my home for almost five years.  There are a few things that I have learned about this city that weren't included in the app (such as the Christie Pits Riot, for example), but all in all I'm very impressed with it and am glad that I have something almost productive to do instead of endlessly browsing social media when I'm bored at work or waiting for the streetcar.

The second app is called "Android LCBO," and is helpful for anyone in Ontario looking for a specific alcoholic item.  All you need to do is type whatever it is you're looking for into the app's search bar, and it will point you to a store that has it in stock.  This is not an app for finding LCBO locations near you, but I wouldn't be surprised if that actually existed.  I did a test run on this app, entering "cava" in the product search, picking the first on the list (Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava Sparkling, $14.25 750mL bottle 11.8%), and entering my address, and the app came back to tell me that it was in stock at 20 locations within 3.5km. Once I selected a location, the app pulled up the location on Google Maps.  I haven't actually needed to use the app yet since my neighbourhood LCBOWine Rack, and Beer Store have me covered for my unsophisticated-university-student-on-a-budget needs, but I would definitely use this if I were looking for something a little lot more refined than cheap liquor and Cardboardeaux.

So there you have it, two apps that aren't social media or Angry Birds.  Let me know what you think if you download these, and please let me know if there are more apps I should check out!

App screenshots taken by me.

xx, C.

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