Thursday, 25 October 2012

Caroline vs. Holt Renfrew Last Call

So...I just discovered the other day that there is a Holt Renfrew Last Call at Vaughan Mills.  Shocking that I didn't know this before because 1) I love Holts, and 2) I love shopping.  Not so shocking because Vaughan is faaaar.  I'm hoping that once I've pocketed some more cash from my new job (more on that soon!) I'll be able to trek up there and pick up some goodies at a very discounted price.  Maybe my roommate (hi Jess!) and I can go together in her car to save the pain of travelling all the way up there by public transit!  Either way, I'm going.  Who wants to go with me?!

Look at all those clothes!
xx, C.

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