Friday, 3 August 2012

Caroline vs. Shopping, Part I

I've been trying to save my shekels for my trips to New York and London, but sometimes I can't resist a sale.

I picked up this little number at Urban Outfitters a couple weeks ago when they were having a massive sale - an additional 30% off all sale items!  I initially went in to help my boyfriend find new shoes and jeans, but I couldn't help myself and wandered over to the ladies' sale rack.  It's perfect for the summer, and will be a good transition piece into the autumn with some opaque tights, boots and a jacket.  I also got another 5% off because the bottom of the dress was filthy - away to the cleaners it goes!

Last weekend I went by Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market, and we stopped in at Pretty Freedom, a vintage store run by friends of my boyfriend (I talked about it here).  They were having a great offer: any two items for $24!  I scooped up a denim vest, and the most amazing pair of floral print mom jeans, originally from Talbots, two amazing items I am totally in love with.

As soon as I got home I chopped the legs off the pants and made them into my new favourite pair of shorts.  I couldn't wait to wear them, so for school on Monday I slapped on sandals, a white tee and a black leather belt, and I was good to go!  For those of you who have never cutoff your own denim, I'll do a DIY post once I download the pictures from my other camera.

Right now I'm sitting in Toronto's Billy Bishop Airport, patiently awaiting my flight to New York!  For those of you in Canada I hope you have a wonderful long weekend, whatever you may be up to.  I'll be back soon for updates of my adventures south of the border!

xx, C.

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