Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Caroline vs. New York Weekend

Sorry for the hiatus!  After spending a wonderful long weekend in New York I pretty much went straight to Ottawa for a dentist appointment and to spend a couple days with my family and away from the internet.

I had the most amazing time in New York and snapped photos like crazy, so here are some of my favourites!

Any Friends fans out there?  Seen at Bedford and Grove, Greenwich Village
View East from the High Line
Water feature on the High Line, popular on a hot day

The High Line Zoo
View up from the ground floor of the Guggenheim
Amazing tip jar at a Sigmund's Pretzels stand in front of the Met
Rooftop installation at the Met: Tomás Saraceno's Cloud City
Sunset over the Hudson River
In the New York Public Library Stephen A. Schwarzman Building
Above the entrance to the Rose Main Reading Room
Seen in Bryant Park
A few tables in Bryant Park were set up with board games, so we (three twenty-somethings) settled into a pretty competitive game of Candy Land
Creeping on a couple having their wedding photos taken at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park
Water lilies in the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park
Ducks and reflected 5th Avenue buildings at the Conservatory Water
Dinner at Shake Shack
Rugs for sale at the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg
Brooklyn Flea
This man was part of what seemed like a family gathering, but I just loved the way he took a time out to relax and read the paper.  Everybody has a reading face, but his reading body language was so compelling I had to capture it.
View across the East River to downtown Manhattan
Flea food 
View from Williamsburg
Seen in Williamsburg
Any Mad Men fans?  Apparently Greenwich Village is a popular place to live for the characters of my favourite shows
So there you have it, a quick pictorial overview of my time in New York!  Coming soon, posts on what I saw, where I ate, and what I bought.

xx, C.

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