Thursday, 12 July 2012

Caroline vs. Ideal Day Off

I am one of the unfortunate few (or many, in this economy), who failed to lock down a summer job before the summer actually started.  It's now almost mid-July and I've still had no luck, but an application I filled out today immediately made me think, "I should blog about this."  The question was, "How would you spend an ideal day off with no financial limits?"  I must admit, for the first split second I thought, "Go to Holt's and buy everything!"  But then I realized that I live in one of the biggest, most amazing cities this fine country has to offer, and it would be a waste of a day if I just spent it shopping.  So here is my answer (lengthened with pictures and details):

L'espresso Bar Mercurio

I would start off meeting friends for a coffee from my local coffee shop, in this case L'espresso Bar Mercurio.  I discovered this on-campus gem a couple years ago, and it has since become a favourite.  Coffees are a bit pricey for everyday consumption but are so, so good.  Meals are also stellar, with a great drink menu, and some of the best gluten-free treats I've found so far in this town.  Sometimes Mama even comes in to supervise and to hawk her delicious cookies.

St. Andrew St. and Kensington Ave., by Sam Javanrouh

After a jolt of caffeine we would bike down to Kensington Market to pick up supplies for a picnic: My Market Bakery for some bread and pastries, Global Cheese to find the best cheeses at the best price, International Fruit Market for fresh fruits and veggies, and Essence of Life for some organic goodies.  Making our way through the Market towards and between the various food shops we'd stop in at some vintage shops, specifically Bungalow, Courage My Love and Pretty Freedom.

Skyline from the ferry, September 2011

Once our bike baskets were laden with food and vintage wares we would bike down Spadina to Queen's Quay and continue along the waterfront to the ferry terminal, where we would load our bikes onto the ferry and cross the lake over to Centre Island.  Once there we would explore on bikes, before stopping at the beach to enjoy our picnic lunch.

Beach activities for Trin Frosh Week, September 2011

The rest of the afternoon would be spent on the beach, playing volleyball or frisbee, or just running in the sand and splashing in the water.  I've only been to the Islands a handful of times, even though I am constantly talking about the perfect summer days I want to spend there.

You couldn't ask for a better view. (credit)

As the evening rolls around we would gather our things and head to the ferry to cross back to the city, and head immediately to the CN Tower, Toronto's most famous landmark.  We would ride the elevators all the way up and marvel at the view, (including the one down through the glass floor, no matter how scared we might be...) before sitting down to a long meal in the 360 Restaurant, watching the sun set.  I've never had the chance to eat at 360, but friends have told me it is a must.  After dinner we would lazily ride our bikes homeward, and once I got home I would curl up in bed with a book, a cup of tea, and the boyfriend.

Pictures of cameras, so meta.  From my instagram.

I would have documented the day on film - an equal split between my Holga 150 CFN and my Fujifilm Instax Mini - and dropped off the 150 film at a photo lab on the way home.

Even though this scenario probably won't ever completely exist, I love knowing that I can do bits and pieces of it whenever I want.  Toronto really is magical in the summer.

What would you do on your ideal day off?  I'd love to know :)

xx, C.

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