Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Caroline vs. Gazpacho

Let's call this, Easy Summer Dinners (Part I).

It's been blisteringly hot in Toronto lately, and the very last thing anyone wants to be doing turning on an oven or a stove for too long.  I recently perused my Food&Drink board on Pinterest and found a New York Times feature on cold soups, and decided on a tomato gazpacho to share with a friend of mine visiting from out of town.

For vegetables this particular recipe only calls for tomatoes, cucumbers and garlic, but I added bell peppers and celery, as well as some parsley to give it a little more punch.  I forgot about adding the bread, but I didn't miss it.  Once everything was blended (but still chunky!) I poured it out, topped with olive oil and parsley, and dug in.  Since there were two of us and we hadn't eaten much all day, I popped a frozen pizza into the toaster oven for a few minutes to give our meal a little more substance.

The finished product

What I love about gazpacho is that it takes so little time to prepare, it's great for using vegetables that are going a little soft, and it's really refreshing on days that see temperatures in the high twenties, or (gasp!) well into the thirties.  It's perfect for entertaining, especially on short notice, and is best enjoyed outdoors with a glass of wine.

What do you like to make in the summer?

xx, C.

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