Friday, 20 July 2012

Caroline vs. Free Dior Manicure

Last Friday I got the raddest manicure ever, courtesy of Dior at Holt Renfrew's Bloor location.  Dior is promoting their new polish colours, and they also have this awesome machine that prints a pattern onto one nail.  As soon as I heard it was free, I called them and made an appointment - I'd been griping all week about how badly I needed my nails done, but limited funds precluded me from doing so.

The manicure itself was very basic - none of the usual pre-polish treatment, just some filing to even up the shape of the nails.  For colour I decided on a hot pink (Lucky, #659), and decided to have the print put on my right ring finger.  You need to decide early which nail you want the print to be on, because it needs to be treated differently, so the ink will show up.  As soon as my nails were painted, I was sent over to the machine to choose my pattern - the leopard one looked best, and apparently I was the first one to choose it.  The machine needed a sales person to operate while I put my hand into the hole and tried to hold still.  About a minute later I had nine hot pink fingers, and one leopard one!  The ink needed a special top coat to seal it, and then I was ready to go.

Overall I loved the colours, the machine was a really cool way to incorporate nail art, and the fact that this was a completely free manicure was amazing.  However, I found that the polish bubbled a bit over the course of the afternoon.  I am notoriously bad at keeping manicured good for long, and true to form as soon as I got home I smeared my right thumb nail; I quickly tried to smush the polish back into place and put a coat of OPI topcoat on, but the two brands were not compatible, and that finger is noticeably bumpier than the others.  Definitely not great, since if I were to shell out $25 for a bottle of Dior polish, I would hope that it would work with the base and top coats I already have at home.

The bottom line, however, is that this is a free service, and Dior/Holt Renfrew are awesome for doing this.  If you want a piece of the manicure pie call Dior (416-922-2333 ext. 21533) to set up your appointment.  They're on again this weekend: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and only at the Bloor location.

xx, C.

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