Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Caroline vs. Bicycle

After being without my bicycle for some months, I finally got it back from the shop, and have been whizzing about the city for the past four days.  My beautiful coffee coloured 1974 Raleigh Sports was in an accident last Thanksgiving weekend, and has pretty much been out of commission since.  The back tire had to be patched from skidding on the road, and the fork was bent, making it really awkward to turn right, and the brakes were screeching because the wheels had been bent a little out of shape.  My baby sat on my balcony all winter, and in the spring I took it down to Bikes on Wheels in Kensington Market to see what they could do.  Last week I got the call saying it was ready, and I was so happy!  I got a new light and a basket, so now not only will I not be breaking laws after dark, but I can also run errands and go to class without worrying about carrying things.

The guys down at Bikes on Wheels were really helpful, not only did they fix my bike up beautifully, but they explained everything to me since I have no idea how a bike works, let alone how to fix one.  They have two locations, one at Augusta and College, and another at Queen West and Euclid (the Queen location is much smaller, but the staff just as good looking).

Biking in Toronto can sometimes be treacherous because of a lack of bike lanes (thanks for nothing, Mayor Ford) and the awful road conditions (potholes galore!  Thank heavens for shocks), but having my bike back now means I can go farther than I could with walking; the adventures are endless!  I also get a decent workout since the city is pretty much one giant hill.  I'm hoping I can get across to the Islands one day and do some leisurely biking over there, camera and friends in tow.

Do you love biking too?

xx, C.

Photo source: London Cyclist

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